Our Field Sales team

It’s vital for every brand to stand out at the point of sale. Because if you don’t catch the eye, you won’t end up in shopping baskets. Our Field Sales team helps raise the profile of brands in supermarket, sport and leisure canteens and cafeterias. We do that for hugely popular names like Croky, Jules De Strooper, Illy, Royco, Aïki Noodles and Lotus.

How can we support you?

Our Field Sales people are confectionary and snack experts. With their sales mindset, they know how to give brands a commercial boost. Additions to ranges, promotions, material to improve visibility and merchandising – just leave it to them.

Better brand visibility at more than 7500 points of sale

Our representatives roll out the marketing and sales strategies of our in-house and partner brands at more than 2500 supermarkets and 5000 sport and leisure canteens and cafeterias in Belgium. Sales targets are set, based on those strategies. Our team is fully focused on hitting (and indeed exceeding) these targets. Resulting in better brand visibility and additional sales.

Managing POS logistics

We manage the full logistics for POS materials, such as displays, shelf barkers, ceiling hangers, window and floor stickers. Ensuring it is used to maximise impact, generating the attention your brand deserves.

Impact through feedback

Our Field Sales people have their ear to the ground. They quickly pick up new trends on the market, giving valuable feedback through a state-of-the-art CRM system.

Their input and visit photos enable us to measure how effective their visits are and give customers high-quality feedback that helps steer the marketing strategy in the right direction.