Our production

We are passionate arbiters of taste. Unqualified sweet lovers who are experts in confectionary. We also regularly complement our domestic and international classics with new additions. Our respect for tradition is paired with a huge inclination for innovation.

Focus on our in-house brands

We are committed to achieving quality and innovation in our own brands. From R&D by way of production to packaging and logistics. We control every step in the process, down to the finest details. The results?

100% quality guarantee

There’s nothing better than a sweet made from the best ingredients in a controlled, food-safe environment, following a recipe that passes every taste, smell, colour and texture test out there.

Sustainably scrumptious

We have the greatest respect for the planet, with a constant focus on reducing our ecological footprint through healthy working conditions, responsible use of natural resources, renewable energy, smart waste management, recyclable packaging and so much more.

Employees Continental Sweets

Maximum flexibility

We are able to respond quickly at our production facilities, thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and a passionate team of taste experts. Ensuring we give our customers and consumers exactly what they want.