Creating Moments 
of pleasure

Good things come in small packages. Just ask anyone who’s ever tried our sweets. Creating moments of pleasure for young and old, big and small, customer and consumer, has always been our greatest thrill and passion.

Explore what we can offer here, from top brands to top service.

Distribution Production

We are manufacturer

We enjoy an excellent reputation for making sweets in a huge range of shapes, sizes and flavours. Top-notch candy that sweet lovers have been enjoying hugely for many years. Lutti for one is a smash hit.

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We are Distribution Partner

Our ambition is to build the strongest sweet distribution network in the Benelux. We already have a firm foothold in Food Retail and other sales channels. That’s thanks to our wholehearted professional customer-first philosophy and tight partnerships with suppliers. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

Our experienced team exhibits unrivalled passion and engagement in marketing, sales and logistics for both our own brands (including Lutti, Carambar and Poulain) and our partner brands (Vicks, Red Band, King, Sportlife, Läkerol, Venco, Jelly Beans, Lonka and more).

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We are Field Sales partner

We always target the best visibility on and off shelves for our biggest brands, in supermarkets, sport and leisure canteens and cafeterias. Our Field Sales Team constantly visits more than 7500 points of sale in Belgium to ensure a strong presence of the recommended range.

On every visit our goals are the same for every point of sale and every brand: high-quality merchandising and the achievement of sales targets. That goes for our own brands and for partner brands, including hugely popular names like Croky, Jules De Strooper, Illy, Royco, Aïki Noodles and Lotus.

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Everyone is given the freedom 
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Our nimble mindset enables
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We are open and honest 
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