Monstrously tasty: the Life is Luttiful campaign


Monstrously tasty: the Life is Luttiful campaign

Paw, Lizzy, Stick, Fury, Brutus and Drool are ready to go! The latest Lutti ad campaign revolves around our sweet monsters, Keep an eye on your TV, check your social media and enjoy the full instore experience: this year we’re making life even more Luttiful!

Enjoy life

Big or small, our sweets have been making everyone’s day for a lifetime. They are a sight for sore eyes, and a treat for your tastebuds. Delicious and fantastically fun. Our new slogan leaves no room for doubt: Life is Luttiful sucking on a Lutti sweet.

Here come the sweet monsters

Lutti turns life into one big party, and no one can resist. Not so sure? Rest assured, there’s a little candy monster inside every one of us. Hard or soft. Red, yellow or green. Salty or sugary. We’re all completely hooked. In 2021 we made sweet tooths everywhere sit up and take notice with our ‘Life is Luttiful’ campaign, which really made a splash.

Like to see our sweet monsters unleashed in a string of fun TV commercials (with irresistible jingle)? Check it out here! Enjoy the show!

A taste for more? Life is Luttiful! Paw and co. will continue to make regular star appearances on TV, in stores and on social media. Something to get you teeth into.